Expert proofreading at reasonable rates

If you are an author on the verge of self-publishing your novel or if you are about to send your manuscript to a publisher or agent, I can provide the independent professional eye that will ensure your book is the best it can be.

Being a writer myself (see Published works), I know what it feels like to have your words edited and proofread. I always make corrections and suggestions with care and sensitivity to your voice and your genre. This is your book, not mine.

What I will be looking out for:

  • spelling mistakes
  • punctuation errors
  • problems with grammar
  • inconsistencies (in capitalisation and names)
  • formatting issues (quote marks the wrong way round, incorrect use of hyphens and dashes)

Although more usually associated with editing, I will also point out any plot holes or factual errors I notice.

I am based in the UK, and have had many years of experience proofreading both US and UK English.

Please note that proofreading should provide the final polish to your book. Paying for professional proofreading of a manuscript that still requires extensive line or even developmental editing may not be a good use of your money.


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