I charge publishers by the hour, and agree an estimate before I start work. However, I am aware that self-published and independent authors would prefer to know exactly how much proofreading is going to cost them. For fiction, I charge £3.00/$4.25 per thousand words for the first 60,000, then £3.50/$5.00 per thousand for the next 40,000 and £5.00/$7.00 per thousand words over that. Here are some examples to give you an idea of how that works out:

60,000 words costs £180 or $255

80,000 words costs £250 or $355

100,000 words costs £320 or $455

120,000 words costs £420 or $595

Because of the extra checking required for references, headings, boxes, illustrations and bullet lists, non-fiction books can take significantly longer to proofread. Please contact me with details for a quote.

Payment of a £50 or $70 deposit can be made via bank transfer, IBAN, Swift, cheque or PayPal once we have agreed dates and a rate for the job, with the balance being due on completion. Choice of whether monies are paid in GB pounds or US dollars is yours.

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