“Wendy did a fantastic job of proofreading Nada, a historical thriller, delivering ahead of schedule. She provided an edited Word document with Track Changes on as well as a separate final version to help save time for the author in processing the changes. In addition, Wendy also included a style sheet with common issues, fantastic for improving the next manuscript. Highly recommended for authors needing that detailed polish.” Joanna Penn, www.TheCreativePenn.com

“I’m a British novelist writing in the United States, and the different UK/US spelling and punctuation conventions can lead to manuscript chaos! Fortunately, Wendy Janes is a diligent, knowledgeable ally in the proofreading process. She completed More or Less Annie, a 76,000-word manuscript, ahead of schedule and at reasonable cost. She also went above and beyond proofreading to point out word choices that didn’t fit a British character’s dialogue, and inconsistencies in context. The icing on the cake was her ability to identify and correct several formatting errors; though she suggests using a professional formatter for complicated issues. I wish I’d found her for my first novel. I highly recommend Wendy and look forward to working with her again.” Tracey Gemmell, author of Dunster’s Calling, www.traceygemmell.com

“Wendy proofread my second novel, she is a pleasure to work with. Her knowledge, skill and sharp eyes picked up numerous, minor errors which both I and my editor had overlooked despite numerous read throughs. Wendy noted misleading sentences, caught graves which should have been acutes and found spaces in places they shouldn’t have been.
My manuscript now sparkles, and I would definitely use Wendy again. Her prices are fair, her work is exemplary, and the proofread was completed ahead of schedule.
Thank you, Wendy, for a scrupulous and professional service. Thoroughly recommended.” Sam Russell, author of the contemporary romances A Bed of Barley Straw and A Bed of Brambles

“I highly recommend the proofreading services of Wendy Janes. She is a consummate professional with a keen eye, and she completed the job exactly as she described (no surprises!) ahead of schedule (amazing!) with a lovely, positive attitude. Her rates are reasonable; she always replies to emails within 24-48 hours and she delivers exactly what you pay for–a red-inked copy; a clean copy with thoughtful, articulate, helpful suggestions; and a comment sheet that highlights measures of improvement. Working with Wendy was a joy. I plan to use Wendy’s proofreading services for my next novel.” Gina Fava, author of The Sculptor

“Wendy did a fantastic job proofreading my manuscript. She corrected space, spelling and punctuation errors and made notes where she questioned things I may have done intentionally instead of assuming they were mistakes. She noted where my use of nicknames was not consistently capitalized and corrected grammar. I am from America and we speak slightly different than those in the UK but this did not pose any issues for Wendy. She returned my corrections as promised, not later than requested. I highly recommend her and will use her upon completion of my next novel.” Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, author of Unfinished Business: An Angela Panther Novel

“Thank you so much, Wendy. You did a fabulous job. It’s amazing that after the two of us had gone over our manuscript  several times, thinking it virtually perfect, you still found so many errors that we’d overlooked, not just punctuation and spelling but several facts and names we’d misused or things that didn’t make sense. Well done for spotting the bigger blunders that authors often miss when reading and rereading their own work.  It really does show why a good proofreader/copyeditor is essential. We’ll definitely be calling you when our next book is at that stage.” Ellie Campbell, author of Looking For La La

“I highly recommend the proof reading services provided by Wendy Janes. I hired Wendy to proofread my novel, Behind Blue Eyes. Some reviewers on Amazon and goodreads had complained about wonky grammar and spelling errors (I had already had an editor look at the book, and checked it myself a number of times). I was amazed at the amount of errors Wendy found.  Wendy makes corrections and suggestions with care and sensitivity, she never forgets that it is your book, and treats you and the novel with respect. I found the style sheet that Wendy includes to be a fantastic idea, it notes the common issues that she found, and the edits she made. I will definitely use Wendy’s services in the future.” DM Wolfenden, author of Behind Blue Eyes

“I highly recommend the proofreading services provided by Wendy Janes. I hired Wendy to proofread my novel, Thin Rich Bitches, because some reviewers on Amazon.com had noted that the ebook contained some editing errors. Wendy found every error, formatting glitch and inconsistency so that I was able to upload a clean version onto Amazon.com. She provides a proofreading service that is fast, accurate and affordable!” Janet Eve Josselyn, author of Thin Rich Bitches

Wendy was an excellent proofreader. She was highly professional and was extremely thorough, which is essential in a proofreader. Her dedication to detail flagged up a number of errors in consistency which had been missed during previous reviews that both I and my beta readers had undertaken. As a result my published book is more polished. Sam Audley, author of The Dawnlands Catch